An Open Letter against the invasion of agrochemistry on our plates

The September 2016 purchase of the American company Monsanto by the German group Bayer cannot leave professionals in the restaurant industry indifferent. With this acquisition, this new behemoth of seeds and pesticides has one objective: to control the entire food chain, from the ground were the seeds are grown all the way up to the consumer’s plate. Such a company has only one goal: to grow its activities, and therefore its revenue, across every continent, in disregard for biodiversity and the health of populations. While the European Union has become concerned following this merger, citizens also cannot simply watch chemistry fill their plates.

As ardent defenders of good eating, who are engaged daily in the promotion of good products and local producers, restaurant professionals should remember their attachment to a few fundamental values: the support for biodiversity, the respect for the environment, and the health of consumers. This agrochemical merger is a threat to our plates, but it is also a source of concern for the farmers and producers who see their freedom to plant and cultivate such and such seed being limited. Tomorrow, due to GMOs, Roundup, and different chemical products exiting from factories, crop diversity will no longer exist. Living nature will only be a product to be marketed, transformed, and muted in service of a leviathan.

Chefs and all of those engaged in the restaurant industry must speak up and publicly express their concerns; without healthy and quality products, without diversity of crops, a cook can no longer express his creative talent. He no longer will have the means to do his trade in the way that loves and passionately shares. As for farmers and producers, they will be transformed into simple executors in a greater agrochemical whole that has taken them over: a worker paid by a stateless, soilless company.

This Open Letter against the invasion of agrochemistry in our plates is a call for responsibility and collective consciousness. Significant challenges facing our food are happening now. No, nature’s diversity and the quality of our food should not pass under the oppressive steamroller of the Bayer-Monsanto group.


AuteurFranck Pinay-Rabaroust